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The RF Exposure Assessment Calculator is a tool for licensed radio amateurs to calculate controlled and uncontrolled radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as required in OET Bulletin 65 Ed 97-01. The categorical exemption for the Part 97 radio service (amateur radio) was removed on May 3, 2021 and a tool for the amateur radio community was needed that walks all classes of license holders through the process. This tool will aid in the assessment of an amateur radio station and provide a printable report for filing to comply with the FCC rules on radiofrequency safety.

screenshot of the RF Exposure Calculator
Screenshot of the RF Exposure Calculator

The RF Exposure Calculator can be installed on any standard webserver. The entire system uses HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS with no server-side components. Clients must be reasonably modern versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. This system will not work with Internet Explorer and is not tested against other browsers such as Opera or Konqueror/KTHML-based brosers. Any browser that implements the common specs for HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript should have no problems however.

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