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Firefly Field Day Logger is an HTML + AJAX web "application" for use at ARRL Field Day operating events. The design of this logger is to be a simple, effective logger that can be used on any device that can have a reasonably modern browser installed on it. This includes older laptops running Linux + Chromium, tablets with Chrome or Firefox, Rasperry Pi 3 or 4 with Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian), etc.

The first production version was used at SARA Field Day 2021 with an updated version used for Winter Field Day 2022. The "ready for public use" version has been released as Firefly Logger v3 for Field Day 2022. Based on feedback from that event and other improvements, v4 was released in July with a completed UI. The next steps of this project are to have a "turnkey" installer for a Raspberry Pi and a listener to receive FT8/4 contacts.

The goals of Firefly Field Day Logger are:

  • Full client in a browser; operates seamlessly across multiple, low-powered devices such as old laptops running lightweight Linux, Pis, low-cost tablets
  • Network environment for common operating picture
  • Realtime duplicates checking/avoidance
  • Format checking on all fields for high-accuracy logging
  • Ability to hand-key paper logs as needed
  • Does not require the Internet; Operate over a disconnected local network or WiFi
  • Display page for showing on a screen at Field Days to show score and points
  • ADIF export for Logbook of the World (LoTW) or other logging programs
  • Cabrillo export for score reporting

A demo of the application is available at

Download | Install Doc | Issues/Bugs | GitHub Repo